Stag Mountain supplies superior quality velvet antlers sourced from a deer farm using organic practices in Australia.

Blood Line:

The red deer herd has been selectively bred over 30 years to produce the best quality velvet antler. Stag Mountain uses only the top 5% of the herd for this product.

The Farm:

The deer farm is located in rich volcanic basalt soil, some of the richest soil in Australia. With permanent creeks and springs flow through the farm, the animals graze on all natural herbs and grasses. The animals are free to roam and never kept in sheds.


Stag Mountain practices stringent quality control from stag selection, R&D and all the way to processing, Stag Mountain built its reputation on its product quality.


Deer velvet antler has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. High quality velvet antler was only available to the elite of society due to the cost and short supply of high quality velvet antlers.

Health Benefits:

Stag Mountain products are processed through freezing, steaming and drying to maximise efficacy. Velvet antler is used to replenish yin and essence, tonifying qi and strengthening yang.

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